Gabrielle Haynes

Public Health/WGSS

Pronouns: She/Her

“I would say that WGSS is important to me because it is what made me headstrong. During my sophomore year I reached a low point and after declaring WGSS as one of my majors, I learned how to define some of the experiences I went through which helped me to cope and grow. Because of WGSS, I was able to obtain an internship my senior year with Planned Parenthood, which only maximized my knowledge about topics relating to WGSS and inspired me to pursue a masters degree in public health. WGSS to me is like the overall better version of the training that jobs have for diversity and hostile work environments that don’t actually do much. WGSS has made me a more empathetic, more passionate and more determined person that strives to positively impact the lives of all types of people I will interact with in the public health field. It is the foundation for my current focus in health promotion/education with hopes to improve sex education, making it more LGBTQ+ and disability inclusive.”

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