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"WGSS is not just a discipline in education but it is also a focal point of evolution" - Gabrielle Ferrell, WGSS Alum Class of 2020

As you pursue your education in the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies department, please use these resources to think about your next steps. Under the Careers tab, you can find information on:

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"The Women's Studies faculty always had my back. It is directly why I am where I am today." - Adam Kocurek, WGSS Alum Class of 2016



Transform The World 


An article that inspires:

It is essential to have a career that fulfills you as well as ignites your passions. Wouldn't it be great if this career could also "Transform the World"? This Ms. Magazine article describes how a degree in Women's Studies is a perfect stepping stone to a career that improves our society as we know it.

"WGSS education is a good foundation for any career" - Amber Sagan, WGSS Alum Class of 2021

     Does Intersectional Training Endure 



A Call to Action:

This article explores the ways in which Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies students apply concepts from their education into their real world experience. More specifically, intersectionality is an essential concept that needs to be integrated into the professional world. If you are looking to bring social justice and an inclusive mentality into the work force, then WGSS is the the academic field for you.

"I've never been in a space that was so affirming and honest until my WGSS education." - Kayla Paris, WGSS Alum Class of 2020