Get Connected at UConn

Resources below are available to UConn students from the UConn Center for Career Development and The Major Experience.

Career Center: WGSS Major to Career - List of internships, organizations and career outcomes of WGSS alumni at UConn, as well as graduate school programs students have participated in.

Career Readiness from Career Center - List of career competencies employers are interested in; skills that can be developed and enhanced with your education at UConn.

Center for Career Development: Let's Explore - Space to find career communities that fit students' career aspirations. Resources include blogs and alumni testimonials, alumni mentors, job market insights and outcomes of recent UConn graduates.

HuskyLink- A platform created for UConn students and alumni to connect to form a mentor network.

  • Directions on how to join HuskyLink as an undergraduate student
    • Visit HuskyLink
    • Use your Net ID to log-in to the Student HuskyLink page
    • Set up your account with your education credentials, professional experience, career aspirations and passions
    • Use the tabs at the top of the website to navigate all of the options provided by HuskyLink. Explore career paths and check out the resources!
    • Connect with alumni! You have the opportunity to message the alumni listed in the Community tab. Ask professional questions and gain insight on career opportunities for your field. 
  • Directions on how to join HuskyLink as an alumni
    • Visit HuskyLink
    • Scroll to the middle of the page where you will see a button labeled “Alumni Login” 
    • You will have the option to log in with either your Linkedin or your email 
    • You will be prompted to fill out information regarding your educational experience, career path and your passions/interests 
    • Current students will then be able to contact you via HuskyLink to ask questions about anything from undergraduate decisions to career advice
    • Questions? In need of support? 
      • Resources for all users of the HuskyLink (PeopleGrove) platform – students, alumni, employers, working professionals offering mentorship etc. can be found here

The Major Experience: WGSS- Plethora of links and resources pertaining to declaring a WGSS major, WGSS degree requirements, career opportunities, mentorship, and involvement at UConn.