Major Requirements

Your Major Plan of Study is determined by your catalog year. Your catalog year is listed at the top of your Academic Requirement Report in the Student Admin system.

Plan of Study

Catalog Year: 2024 – Present WGSS Plan of Study 2024 – Present

It is important to note that the 2024 – Present plan of study applies to students who began in CLAS at UCONN, or changed majors into CLAS, on May 6, 2024 or later. If you are governed under an earlier catalog year and wish to change to the most recent catalog and plan of study, please schedule an appointment with Elaine Chu at

Catalog Year: 2021 – 2023 WGSS Plan of Study 2021 – 2023


Catalog Years: 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017 

Core Courses

Students are required to pass the following core courses (9 credits): WGSS 110522504994W.

Supporting Courses

Students are required to pass six additional 2000-level or above WGSS courses or courses cross-listed with WGSS (18 credits). At least two of these courses (six credits) must be non-cross-listed WGSS courses. Up to six credits of WGSS 3891 (Internship Program) may be counted toward the major. WGSS 3894 is no longer required when students take WGSS 3981.

Related Courses

Students must pass an additional 12 credits at the 2000 level or above in fields closely related to the major. Courses may not be cross-listed with WGSS courses.

General Education Requirements

Passing core course WGSS 4994W will fulfill the information literacy competency and writing in the major requirements.

Catalog Years prior to 2017:

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