1. 11/1The Wolves
  1. 11/2The Wolves
  1. 11/6Legally and Medically Trans
  1. 11/7Lecture: Unconditionally LGBTQIA+: Moving from Victimization and Criminalization to Liberation
  1. 11/10Body Project
  1. 11/12Dr. Jen Manion: "Transing Gender in the 19th Century"
  1. 11/13Gender & History Seminar
  1. 11/14Eros and Marriage. Pontano’s Perspective. A Talk by Professor Giuseppina Palma (SCSU)
  1. 11/14Eat Well, Do Well: Healthy Habits for Finals Week
  1. 11/14Lecture: Transparent: An Open Discussion of One Trans-woman’s Journey Through Parenthood
  1. 11/15Geography Film Screening: Daughter of Nepal
  1. 11/17Body Project
  1. 11/21Lecture: Two Spirit Identities: What Indigenous Culture Teaches Us About All Queer & Trans People