Course Offerings

Fall 2019

1104. Feminisms and the Arts

(Formerly offered as WS 1104.) Three credits.

Interdisciplinary exploration of the work of women artists in drama, the visual arts, music, literature, and/or film. Key issues of feminist criticism in the arts are discussed. CA 1. CA 4.

1105. Gender and Sexuality in Everyday Life

(Formerly offered as WS 1105.) Three credits.

How gender, sex, and sexuality are woven into systems of difference and stratification that shape everyday life. Examines these processes in the family, education, work, and politics with sensitivity to the diversity of individual experiences across class, racial ethnic groups, cultures, and regions. Provides experience in introductory research methods to analyze the social construction and structural organization of gender and sexuality. CA 2. CA 4.

2217. Women and Film

(Formerly offered as WS 3217.) Three credits. Prerequisite: Any 1000 or 2000-level WGSS course or instructor consent.

Feminist analysis of film. Investigates women’s roles as filmmakers, writers, editors, and actresses, as well as messages communicated to female viewers.

2124. Gender and Globalization

(Formerly offered as WS and WGSS 1124.) Three credits. Recommended preparation: WGSS 1105.

Construction and reproduction of gender inequality and the gendered nature of global structures and processes. Key topics include women’s rights as human rights; women’s work; gender, development, and the global economy; migration; religious fundamentalism; reproduction, health, and HIV/AIDS; education; violence against women; and gender, war, and peace advocacy. CA 2. CA 4-INT.

2255. Sexualities, Activism, and Globalization

(Formerly offered as WS 2255.) Three credits. Prerequisite: Open to sophomores or higher.

Globalization of LGBT identities, cultures and social movement activism, and cultures from a transnational perspective; use, role, and impact of digital media. CA 4-INT.

2255W. Sexualities, Activism, and Globalization

(Formerly offered as WS 2255W.) Prerequisite: ENGL 1010 or 1011 or 2011; open to sophomores or higher. CA 4-INT.

2263. Women, Gender, and Violence

(Formerly offered as WS 2263 and as WS 3263.) (Also offered as HRTS 2263.) Three credits. Prerequisite: Open to sophomores or higher. Recommended preparation: Any 1000-level WGSS course.

Discussion of various forms of gendered violence in the United States and in a global context. Physical, sexual, emotional and structural violence; social, political and personal meanings of gendered violence; special emphasis on women.

3105. The Politics of Reproduction

Three credits. Prerequisite: Open to juniors or higher; sophomores by consent of instructor. Recommended preparation: any 1000 or 2000-level WGSS course.

National and transnational politics of reproduction including: contraception, sexuality education, abortion, childbirth, surrogacy, adoption, health care policy and funding.

3252. Genders and Sexualities

(Formerly offered as WS 3252.) Three credits.

Intersectional examination of diverse constructions of gender and sexuality. Focused exploration of selected topics.

3253. Gender Representations in U.S. Popular Culture

(Formerly offered as WS 3253.) Three credits.

Forces in the U.S. that shape and reshape gender in popular culture. CA 2.

3253W. Gender Representations in U.S. Popular Culture

(Formerly offered as WS 3253W.) Prerequisite: ENGL 1010 or 1011 or 2011 . CA 2.

3268. Gender and Communication

(Formerly offered as WS 3268.) (Also offered as COMM 3450.) Three credits. Prerequisite: COMM 1000 or instructor consent; open to juniors or higher.

Differences in male/female communication, and an examination of cultural assumptions regarding gender in the communication process. Critically analyze the theory, politics and practice of communication and gender.

3269. Women’s Movements

(Formerly offered as WS 3269.) Three credits. Prerequisite: Open to juniors or higher; others by instructor consent. Recommended preparation: Any 1000-level WGSS course.

Examination of women’s movements as related to intersections of gender, race, class, nationality, and sexuality, and to topics such as democracy, economic justice, the environment, health, and sexual freedom.

3270. Masculinities

Three credits. Prerequisite: Open to juniors or higher; sophomores by consent of instructor. Recommended preparation: Any 1000-level WGSS course.

Social construction of masculinity and how maleness is gendered. Examination of the multiple forms of masculinity as influenced by differences in social and cultural expressions of gender, race, ethnicity, class, nationality, sexuality, disability and subcultures.

3416. Gender and Sexuality in Modern Europe

(Formerly offered as WS 3416.) (Also offered as HIST 3416.) Three credits.

The construction of gender difference and ideas about sexuality in Western Europe since 1789. Masculinity and femininity; sexuality, identity and the state; European power and personhood in global context.

3561. History of Women and Gender in the U.S. to 1850

(Formerly offered as WS 3561.) (Also offered as HIST 3561.) Three credits.

Gender ideologies of indigenous and settler cultures, changing conditions of women’s and men’s lives as the U.S. became a nation, while emphasizing intersections with ethnicity, race, class, religion, and region.

3613. Introduction to LGBT Literature

(Also offered as ENGL 3613.) Three credits.

An introduction to themes of sexual diversity in literature, related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues. CA 4.

3621. Sociology of Sexualities

(Formerly offered as WS 3621.) (Also offered as SOCI 3621.) Three credits.

Explores the social organization, construction, and politics of sexualities; particular focus on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer experiences and the intersection of sexualities, gender, race, and class. CA 4.

3652. Black Feminist Politics

(Formerly offered as WS 3652.) (Also offered as AFRA 3652 and POLS 3652.) Three credits. Prerequisite: Open to juniors or higher.

An introduction to major philosophical and theoretical debates at the core of black feminist thought, emphasizing the ways in which interlocking systems of oppression uphold and sustain each other.

3718. Feminism and Science Fiction

Three credits. Recommended preparation: Any WGSS course.

Feminist approaches to science fiction. Human and non-human embodiments – humans, aliens, and cyborgs – and the social issues their interactions raise: reproduction and colonization; racial, sexual, and gender apartheid; “human” rights and the rule of law. CA 4.

3718W. Feminism and Science Fiction

Three credits. Prerequisite: ENGL 1010 or 1011 or 2011. Recommended preparation: Any WGSS course. CA 4.

3998. Variable Topics

(Formerly offered as WS 3998.) Three credits. Prerequisites and recommended preparation vary. With a change of topic, may be repeated for credit.

3999. Independent Study

(Formerly offered as WS 3999.) Credits and hours by arrangement. Prerequisite: Open only with the consent of the instructor and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program Director. This course may be repeated for credit with a change in subject matter.