100 Years of Women Scholarship Award

Hello UCONN!Portrait of Shamayeta Bhattacharya

We in the WGSS Program would love to congratulate Shamayeta Bhattacharya, a graduate student assistant in our program, as well as the Department of Geography, in her achievements of receiving the 100 Years of Women Scholarship Award! The 100 Years of Women Scholarship fund was established in 1992 to honor a current UConn student or high school senior planning to enroll at UConn who, as a role model and advocate, has advanced the status and contributions of women in society. Among the applications received this year, Shamayeta was selected for this award in recognition of her outstanding academic achievements, dedicated service, and significant contributions to the advancement of women in society. Below you will see an excerpt of her work and research:

“In India Hijra, Kothi and Transgenders (HKT) individuals are historically deprived of their basic rights, self-dignity, bodily autonomy, and healthcare, leading to an enormous proportion of unmet healthcare needs. My research focus on healthcare accessibility, mental and physical health, and the impact of the transgender community’s activity space on their health. My research broadly focuses on the health condition of the HKT community of the global south. I use participatory mapping, GIS and statistical analysis as my primary research tools.” She wrote to us, “My research is a form of scholarly activism voicing the unmet healthcare need of the HKT community. In the future, I want to incorporate my research to advocate for policy change to improve trans-health globally.”

Again, congratulations to Shamayeta Bhattacharya for her achievements!


Read about the award mentioned here: https://womenscenter.uconn.edu/programs-services/signature-programs/scholarship/